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Welcome to KNUTI

Explore the world of KNUTI, where every product is designed to bring joy and comfort to both you and your feathered companion.

  • Bird Covers

    Helps regulate light exposure, provide a cozy environment for rest, and minimize stress.

  • Perches

    Essential for birds to exercise their feet, maintain beak health, and vary their daily activities.

  • Bird Carriers

    Safe transportation to vet visits or outings, providing a secure and comfortable space for your bird.

8 Piece

Bird Cage Starter Kit

Welcome to the ultimate avian oasis! Elevate your bird's home with our exclusive Bird Cage Set.

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Universal Seed Catcher

Designed to fit securely around a wide range of square, round, and oval-shaped cages.

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Natural wood

Corner Perch

Encourages your feathered friend to exercise, promoting balance and coordination.

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